DLH Corporation

DLH Capabilities

DLH delivers proven, cost-effective, quality professional services and solutions within the growing Federal healthcare market.

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The following are our core capabilities.

     Capacity Building

DLH is a proven leader in providing capacity-building assistance to address our customers' challenges and improve their capabilities to promote program awareness and implement change. Through a team of subject matter experts and consultants, we develop strategies that are assessment-driven and customer specific. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor unique capacity-building strategies that include but are not limited to training, technical assistance, coaching and resource materials. We bring experience in delivering these services through a variety of methods and communication strategies such as in-person training, web-based resources, and virtual and eLearning platforms. We create and deliver social marketing services focused on meeting the program objectives of our customers.

Our services further include development and dissemination of print and digital material as well as designing and managing full-scale websites that meet Federal requirements such as the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and Section 508 compliance. DLH leverages its program management expertise to enhance effective program delivery and improve organizational capacity. Specifically, programs related to health, human services, and behavioral health are just a few service areas to which DLH brings experience that helps its customers achieve program success. Our training and technical assistance services are designed to deliver capacity building activities that support:

  • Implementation of evidence-based interventions and strategies to improve outcomes of at-risk communities
  • Specialized health programs delivered using best practices that improve community capacity
  • Collaborative approaches that coordinate across multi-systems and agencies

     Health Communications

DLH specializes in creating health communication experiences that engage audiences and increase the overall effectiveness of targeted health solutions. We are a leader in the health communication planning, strategy, and content development arenas. Our staff has extensive expertise in health communication theories and application, implementation and maintenance of editorial calendars, and content development across digital platforms to drive partners’ engagement and involvement. With a broad depth of experience from which to pull—including with State and local health departments, Federal Government departments and agencies, nonprofit, and private consulting firms—our staff members are experts in:

  • Communication planning
  • Communication strategy
  • Content development
  • Mobile application development

     Health Information Technology (IT) Systems

DLH understands the value of enterprise architecture planning for our Federal civilian and military clients. We draw on deep domain expertise in systems design and integration to formulate and deliver enterprise solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities of the Federal civilian and military enterprise. Our architects and analysts break down barriers to improve every stage of information management. DLH optimizes:

  • Enterprise architecture planning
  • System integration and testing
  • System migration and operations and maintenance

     Life Sciences

DLH leverages evidence-based methods and Web technology to drive health equity to our most vulnerable populations through public engagement. This includes wildlife in the area of life sciences. DLH conducts biological research, surveys, and environmental assessments, which cover waterways in key parts of the country to protect and conserve our aquatic populations and manage wetlands and habitats. Projects often involve highly specialized expertise and research methodologies including:

  • Environmental scans
  • Environmental testing/monitoring

     Logistics and Readiness

DLH provides logistics and readiness support at the highest quality level (i.e., Six Sigma) and at industry-best productivity, thereby enhancing our clients' state of readiness and driving down their per capita costs.

We help test and evaluate a full range of inventory, production, and information management systems used to effectively manage the goods and services provided throughout a supply chain. Support includes advanced logistics planning, demand forecasting, asset tracking, and dispositions. DLH's expertise contributes to cost reductions of major acquisitions (including medical systems), and enhances lifecycle of maintenance, sustainment, readiness, and end-customer satisfaction.

We have worked with systems supporting the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services.

  • Acquisition logistics. DLH has provided acquisition support to our military clients on a variety of advanced systems and devices including the full range of research, development, test, and evaluation; supportability and readiness planning; and program management to maximize operational readiness across the system's lifecycle.
  • Emergency response. DLH has assisted with large-scale emergency response efforts providing rapid deployment of healthcare and logistics services following natural disasters. We stage medical assets and pharmaceuticals to augment stockpiles in the event of national shortages in response to states of emergency and humanitarian needs.
  • Logistics data management. DLH has the expertise required to modernize, re-architect, and manage large-scale logistics data systems' agile systems methods, ensuring total asset visibility, test, and controls; and data analytics required for small to large complex operations.
  • Supply chain management. DLH manages and implements large-scale, regional production and distribution centers for Federal Government entities throughout the country, leveraging Lean Six Sigma practices and its nationally recognized SPOT-mTM methodology to optimize quality and productivity.
  • Warehouse and facility management. DLH deploys ISO 9001:2015-certified support for facility operations and equipment maintenance and repair at Government sites. This helps us maintain a high degree of inventory and deployment accuracy, helping to achieve JD Powers award-winning customer satisfaction levels.

     Medical Materiel Research Development and Testing

DLH supports the total acquisition lifecycle for all military field unit medical devices supporting patient and animal care, including imaging systems. DLH is experienced in implementing advanced development projects as well as commercial off-the-shelf equipment replacement and modernization efforts. This service fully supports the Military Services health missions in planning, synchronizing, and providing medical logistics for health service support to U.S. Forces conducting joint and full-spectrum operations.

Product development, from science and technology on to advanced development and writing and editing of key and essential documents, is a typical requirement. DLH personnel with critical core skills and technologies conduct life-cycle management for commercial and non-developmental items, sustaining and modernizing the medical force, supporting exercises, contingency operations, and promoting medical logistics information and knowledge.

Our services include management, direction and guidance for planning, development, acquiring, testing, fielding, sustainment and product improvement efforts for the survival, support and equipment systems programs and products. Our medical research, development, and testing programs include:

  • Military operational medicine research
  • Combat casualty care research
  • Product development, life cycle management, and modernization support

     Program Management/Support

DLH provides full-scale program management and support for national programs. We demonstrate and execute an organized and systematic approach to management of large-scale programs by offering services in the following areas:

  • National program management
  • Staff augmentation/staffing support
  • Clinical and operational subject matter expertise
  • Monitoring and compliance

     Technology-enabled Health Solutions

DLH is a leading innovator in Federal civilian and military telehealth solutions. We are among the top three health solution vendors to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and our unique combination of proven technology and robust processes implemented by DLH doctors and pharmacists provides unequaled value in the Federal telehealth market. DLH connects individuals receiving care with qualified providers for counseling, medication verification, and instruction.

To DLH and our customers, telehealth is more than a video session between a provider and a patient; it is an extension of the relationship between the care team and the patient beyond the walls of the clinic. Our medical, public health, and health information technology experts deliver a full range of technologies, including live video sessions, in-home assistive technology, and wearables, to provide a comprehensive picture of the patient and allow us to deliver successful healthcare outcomes for those we serve. Our technology-enabled health solutions include:

  • Telehealth and virtual pharmacy systems
  • Case management systems/care continuum
  • Medication adherence solutions

     Training and Technical Assistance

DLH is a proven leader in support of program awareness and implementation through provision of specialized training and communication services. We develop training programs delivered through multiple strategies, including live training, Web-based training, virtual and eLearning, and pre-recorded video instruction. We design and manage Web sites and deliver marketing services focused on meeting program objectives. We also develop and assist in developing specialized marketing material that promotes program awareness. Our services include development and distribution of print and digital material as well as full-scale development of Web sites that meet Federal requirements including Federal Information Security Management Act and Section 508 compliance.

Additionally, we provide specialized health program training to our customers for uniquely focused audiences. Specific programs relate to behavioral health scenarios and require specified training programs to achieve program success. DLH thrives in scenarios where our subject matter experts provide specific audiences with services requiring unique training. DLH works with our customers to manage these specialized programs, leveraging our program management expertise along with our operational program management capability. Our training and technical assistance services include:

  • Specialized training supporting program implementation
  • Specialized health programs