DLH Corporation

Executive Leadership Team

Photo of Zach Parker, DLH Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer

Zachary Parker

President, Chief Executive Officer, and Board Director, DLH Corporation
Photo of Kathryn JohnBull, DLH Corporation Chief Financial Officer

Kathryn JohnBull

Chief Financial Officer,
DLH Corporation
Photo of Kevin Wilson, President of Health and Logistics Services

Kevin Wilson

Health and Logistics Services
Photo of Helene Fisher, President of Mission Services and Solutions

Helene Fisher

Mission Services and Solutions
Photo of John Armstrong, Executive Vice President

John Armstrong

Executive Vice President,
DLH Corporation
Colonel, US Army retired
Photo of Denise Ciotti, DLH Vice President of Business Development

Denise Ciotti

Senior Vice President,
DLH Corporation
Photo of Fred Vago, DLH Corporation Chief of Staff

Fred Vago

Chief of Staff,
DLH Corporation
Colonel, US Air Force retired
Photo of Gil Tadmor, DLH Chief Technology Officer

Gil Tadmor

Chief Technology Officer,
DLH Corporation