DLH Corporation

DLH Vision and Values

DLH's vision is to be the most trusted provider of technology-enabled healthcare and public health services, medical logistics, and readiness enhancement services to military service members, veterans, children and families, and our at-risk and underserved communities. As a market influencer and emerging leader, DLH strives to shape and enhance the "sustainability and readiness posture" of those we serve, delivering value to our customers, stakeholders, and shareholders.

DLH stands on strong values including:


We establish relationships throughout our organization and with clients and partners that are built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect, which exemplifies the way DLH does business. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct during the course of all business.


We maintain laser-focus on achieving all requirements, with a passion for continuous improvement in the quality of our services and products. We strive to be our customer's "best value" provider and attain the highest measures of customer and shareholder satisfaction.


We create and sustain a corporate culture that fosters inclusion of all employees and values each individual's unique talents and perspectives. We leverage the value of our diversity into every aspect of our business.


As we transition and grow, we continue to evolve in a manner that maintains our flexibility and agility. This allows us to anticipate and respond to ever-changing Government service requirements while delivering maximum value to clients and shareholders.