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Jan 2017

Seal for ISO 9001 International Certification

DLH Achieves ISO 9001 Certification

Atlanta, Georgia (January 18, 2017)—In December 2016, DLH Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: DLHC) achieved ISO 9001certification, a hallmark for successful organizations with proven track records of dynamic, continuous improvements in customer and investor confidence. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 is the most widely used international standard. It sets measurements for an organization’s quality management system while providing objectives to all processes through measurement, documentation, analysis, and diagnostic discipline. ISO 9001 establishes qualitative standards designed to assist organizations, thus ensuring DLH will continue to exceed the demands of customers and stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to their health products and programs.

Using the ISO process gives DLH the information, data integrity, and control to execute and maintain a broad array of tools and techniques to continually improve management processes. Effective application of appropriate tools will result in many benefits for DLH such as competitive advantage, market differentiation, and reduction to risk exposure.

According to Kevin Wilson, president of DLH Solutions, "The ISO 9001 certification will dovetail perfectly with our Lean Six Sigma initiatives and become another compelling differentiator for DLH within a very competitive marketplace. It speaks to the commitment that DLH has in providing outstanding quality to our customers across all aspects of our business."

DLH is proud to achieve this certification and looks forward to implementing the best practices and solutions outlined in ISO quality standards for our clients.

About DLH

DLH (NASDAQ: DLHC) serves clients throughout the United States as a healthcare and human services provider to the Federal Government. The company’s core competencies include assessment and compliance monitoring, business process outsourcing, health information technology systems integration and management, readiness and medical logistics, and pharmacy solutions.