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Mar 2017

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DLH Awarded U.S. Navy’s Clinical Preceptorship Program

Atlanta, Georgia (March 29, 2017)—DLH Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: DLHC), a leading provider of innovative health services and solutions to Federal agencies, is pleased to announce winning the U.S. Navy’s Clinical Preceptorship Program (CPP) contract. DLH Mission Services and Solutions (formerly Danya International LLC) has managed CPP since 2003, providing senior behavioral health practitioners who deliver clinical supervision, training, and mentoring to the Navy’s Alcohol and Drug Counselors. This mission-critical work has supported clinical supervision of counselors working in more than 50 Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs worldwide. The goal of these expert providers, called Preceptors, is to help U.S. Navy counselors in increasing their counseling capabilities by providing specialized training for continuous improvement of quality service delivery. The base contract with options has a total value to DLH of $6.5 million.

DLH is honored to continue providing support to the Nation’s sailors and their family members through CPP. "We have a solid track record of producing results—a 14-year history of providing qualified professionals to support Navy counselors in achieving maximum effectiveness via on-the-job mentoring and in-depth clinical supervision," said DLH Mission Services and Solutions President Helene Fisher. "Our record of exemplary service is gratifying. Going forward, we will continue to provide first-rate service through our corporate commitment to excellence in support of our service members' readiness and resiliency, in a manner consistent with the Navy’s commitment to readiness sustainability."

DLH Executive Vice President John Armstrong, FACHE (USA, COL, RET), added, "Our overall mission is continuous program improvement through quality service and designated counselors. We will continue to meet expectations by adhering to current standards and by remaining sensitive to the health counseling needs of the Department of the Navy, our military personnel, and their families."

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